When I was studying abroad in the UK, I experienced the life in different country. I only had studied English from textbooks through this opportunity I could communicate in English.

Before I went to UK, I was much more excited than scared because I had always dreamed to go to English countries. I am glad that I had the opportunity to study abroad. When I arrived at UK, I was nervous, I came here alone. But I soon accommodated to the new surroundings, I remember that the second day I arrived, I visited campus by bus 

About school: my classmates were all friendly, I think the reason is we were foreigners, so we appreciated we were in the same class. I had classmates from France, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Brazil, Turkey, Colombia, Italy, Thailand etc., we were all from different countries, we had a lot of time to have cultural interaction. I think making friends with others countries and understanding each cultural background are helpful for elevate international vision! 

Classes were organized according to ability, so it was not tough, I could understand most of lectures. In the class we often played games or competitions, class was fun than I expected. School also planed various activities, like soccer game, picnic, amusement park, treasure hunting etc. For me, my favorite was city treasure hunting, high level mission content was full of challenge!

On weekends, I usually went to museum or city attractions with my friends. Sometimes I went to field to play basketball with natives or went to plaza and enjoyed street show. They were all my favorite things.

My feedback after this journey:

I thought my English is fine when I was in Taiwan, but I realize that I have to improve my English skill a lot after I studied abroad. And I believe English is not just language, is more like communicative tool. I hope I can advance my ability, hope one day I will come back to this country and have another amazing journey!

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