There are very few experiences in life that are as rewarding as studying abroad. When you study abroad, the world that you thought the internet made small, becomes even smaller. Knowing people from every corner of the world and learning how to work in multi-cultural teams will bring huge advantages to your future career.

The idea of moving to a new place can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time, but then again, all the best things in life are. Having someone as professional and attentive as First-Study in my corner surely made the process much easier. My consultant is not only a very detail oriented person, but she is also able to understand the particularities of each country. Thanks to her, that first step to moving abroad was effortless.

I now have friends all around the world. No matter where I travel I'm sure that there will be someone there with whom I shared the incredible experience of studying abroad. Having lived and studied with people from so many different cultures has led me to see the world differently. I can now understand the different world issues better than any book could have ever taught me.

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