From the first day that I entered the UK I began constantly gaining social, cultural, educational and historical experiences. Clearly, one of the main fundamental reasons of studying abroad is being able to exceed the boundaries of education and step out of your comfort zone to take new benign challenges -- and of course where better than the UK, which is the capital of the world and sets the time of the world. It is officially the hub of the world and has the most multi-cultural mix of nationalities studying in the same institution. After having graduated from a highly reputable university in UK, London (LSE), I began to find out about multiple job opportunities. For instance I undertook an internship at a respectable think in London (Gold Mercury International)With utmost confidence, I would highly recommend First Study for potential bright candidates that are determined to penetrate the top tier universities in the UK. Obviously, with its insight, guidance, knowledge and know how capabilities I managed to obtain admission from three top schools in the UK. First, I obtained admission to CASS Business School ( MSc Strategic Management)Afterwards, I successfully got acceptance to the London School of Economics (Executive MSc Diplomacy & International Strategy)And finally, after having done two strategy degrees (one focused on business and the other on international relations), we realised how important the rise of China is. Hence, it led to do a degree that is solely dedicated to learn about China -- MSc China & Globalisation at the King's College.Therefore, I strongly recommend her to any intelligent promising student that has the courage to consider studying in the UK; particularly the best universities! First-study will be your first choice to help you get where you want to go.

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