First Study was established in 2014 with adundant educational resources. The experienced team focuses on college admissions counselling, research projects, internships, family camps, youth programs, college programs, test preparation and VIP customised educational consulting services. First Study has received over 30,000+ offers and success rate has been 100%. 

Major Services: 
- College Admissions Counselling
- Primary & Secondary Schools Counselling
- 3-15y Family Camps
- Immigration and Education Consulting
- 12y+ enrichment or professional learning programs
- Research projects
- Global Internships

First Study's consultants hold global recongnision of ICEF, IATC agent certificate, and NACAC membership. We endeavour to provide the best quality of services to our clients and partners worldwide.
First Study has noticed the market and educational transformation over the past few years. 21st century's learning method is no longer the same as in the past! We can no longer apply the old mindset to pursue educational achievement or career development. First Study realised that what students truly need is 1. the program and school that fits oneself 2. Learning environment and social network where dedicates in developing one's characteristics and skillsets. We strive for improving our services and professionalism to provide students and parents a wholistic education consulting services. WE CARE about your/your children's education. WE WANT to portrait a future full of success with you! Only when one can reach his/her potential while improving his/her weaknesses, they can then lead a successful life in this ever-changing and fast-paced 21st global world! 
In mid 2018, our services and website will be updated. Should you wish to receive any professional and caring services, please utilise LINE/FB/Email more for now!! 
First Study not only assists our customers to apply their ideal schools but we also help our customers to apply for proper scholarships.
Among all the school information list in our website, almost every school in our website does provide scholarship. If you are match the conditions, First Study can assist you deal with your scholarship application right away.
If you are not sure about whether your ideal school has scholarship or your ideal school, First Study can help you search it. If the school did not have a proper one, we are willing to assist you to find other ways to earn scholarship.
American Honors offers 2+2 Community University Program. Go to a community college for two years and then transfer to a University!
Please refer to the attachment and check out which schools are partners with First Study.
The array of services provided by GC Homestay is unprecedented in the industry. Our service offerings include a sophisticated host/student matching process, banking and payment services, a rigorous proprietary background check program, a 24/7 critical-incident service, airport transportation services, and online cultural and hosting training and testing—all of which is facilitated through our HMS (Homestay Management System) technology. This system enhances communications, applications, placements, and payments for students, hosts, agents, and educators.
Premium Location

Located within the heart of the Brisbane City centre and surrounded by Universities, English Language Schools and Pathway Institutes our Student One Residences are perfectly placed to offer a premium student accommodation experience.

Premium Rooms and Facilities 

Each residence is architecturally designed with special consideration made to ensure spaces to relax, study, engage, shop, connect and play integrated throughout for all our residents to take advantage of.

Premium Connectivity

Free unlimited high-speed Internet is provided within each of our residences. Regardless of where you are in our residences you will have access to your course notes, your friends and family and your favourite TV shows through our extensive WiFi network.

Premium Service and Safety

Our Student One Residences are staffed 24 hours a day, each day of the week, each week of the year. Those multi-lingual staff (Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese and more) are focused on our customers’ needs and naturally your safety and security is a primary focus. 
堪薩斯大學(The University of Kansas) 碩士銜接課程 (Master's Accelerator Program)將正式接受2017年春季入學申請。

可選專業(注意,以下兩個專業的春季入學只有MAP 1和語言開課:Master of Science in Civil Engineering; Museum Studies)
Schiller Language School is now certified telc exam centre and we prepare all our students for the telc B2 and C1 exam.

telc stands for The European Language Certificates. Telc offers language tests based on international standards: fair, transparent and reliable.

For prospective Studienkolleg students telc B2 and C1 are accepted by all universities and studienkollegs in Germany.

For bachelor and master students telc C1 is the direct way to the universities in Germany.