First Study’s Winning App and CV System will allow VIPs to review and choose a well-organized document template and customize the information using the CV or Personal Statement format online. Once completed, you can export the file or print online straight away, adding great value to your personal branding for school applications or for work!

How to write CV / Study Plan - 4 Simple Steps

Select an appropriate or preferred template
Online producing the document
Save/Print the document


1.Standard VIP:
Unlimited search, follow and save school information, including News, Events, and E-Flyers.

2.Elite VIP:
On top of Standard membership, Elite VIP can also utilize the 24/7 Winning Apps and CV Templates system. (Remark: USD15/month, USD69/6 month, USD120/year)

3.World VIP:
On top of above services, World VIP can have access to the personalized account and manage the entire application process, including uploading/downloading files. (Remark: USD18/month, USD79/6month, USD150/year)

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1. Please submit Form A
if you wish to apply for school grants.

2. Please submit Form B
if you wish to apply for government or other association's fundings.

3. Please submit Form A+B
if you wish to apply ANY possible scholarships.

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