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Global Team

Lavinia Yang

Executive Director

BA in English/AA in Japanese at Wenzao Ursuline University of LanguagesM...
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Stewart Clarke

Europe Consultant

PG International industrial property law    BA in Chemistry at Universit...
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Luis Marques

Point of Contact (Worldwide)

MSc in Architecture at Escola Universitária Vasco da GamaSenior Architect 
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Ida Andersen

Point of Contact (Europe)

Mobility Consultant at Copenhagen University (Denmark) MA in Internation...
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Paul Sunstrum

(North America, APAC)

CEO at Big Bear Sports - Youth Sport Programs & CampsMSc in Kinesiology ...
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Eunice Davis

US UK Consultant (Based in Taiwan / US)

MA in TESOL at University of Glasgow (UK)Experienced English lecturer 
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Andy Fung

Point of Contact (APAC)

 Experienced and Passionate TESOL lecturer worldwide
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Lance Yang

APAC Consultant (Based in Taiwan)

PhD Nanotechnology and Micro-Engineering at National Tsing Hua Universit...
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Michelle Chen

APAC Consultant (Based in taiwan)

Experienced ESL and Mandarin Teacher
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Chung Hao Yang

APAC Consultant (based in China)

MSc in Public Management at Peking University (China)BA in Chinese Liter...
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Stan Xiao

Consultant (APAC)

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Lynn Chen

Point of Contact(US)

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Yungyi Lin

Point of Contact (Latin America)

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Pat Lin

Point of Contact (Canada)

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Nancy Huang

Point of Contact (APAC)

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